Hey Kid: US Mail

I love modern technology and I’ve already told you that I’m a “Gadget Girl” but there is still something magical that happens when you get a letter in the mail.  This happens so infrequently that it’s almost always for a special occasion and maybe that’s why I appreciate it more than I did when I was younger. I have two grand-nieces serving on LDS missions currently and I’ve made a real effort to write to them at least once a month.  I am very proud of them and want to support their efforts as much as possible.  I have received some wonderful letters and photographs from them and it has made my trips to the post office (even if it’s just in anticipation) a real treat.

When recently going through some of my mother’s things… I came across some letters that she had saved through the years.  Each one of them carefully folded and tucked back into the envelopes they arrived in when they were originally delivered.  These are priceless artifacts to me now…  I only wish I could see the responses she sent.

The US Mail system has always fascinated me.  It’s seems almost a miraculous process.  To think that I can put a 46¢ sticker on an envelope and in a few days it will be delivered to the person of intent seems nothing short of a miracle.  It’s amazing to think of the physical journey it must undertake… and I know things get lost once in a while, but the majority of letters arrive at their destination.  That’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

When it really matters… send a real letter, or card.  And since we’re talking about making correspondence personal, use your own handwriting whenever possible.  (I won’t tell you to do this each time because I know I can’t follow this rule.  If I had to handwrite my blog posts, they would be very, very short… Or even non-existent.)