Hey Kid: Don't Be Cynical

If you haven’t learned it by now… I’ll make my life philosophy very clear.  Our lives are made up of a series of choices.  Some are bad, and some are good.  When they things are going well… keep making good choices.  And when things go wrong, make a different choice. This is not rocket science.  Life is like football.  You get multiple chances to make it past the goal line.  If one play doesn’t work, choose a different one.  Life, also like football, is a team sport.  When everyone does their job well, the whole team benefits.   And when someone falls short, it’s up to the rest of the team to carry the load.  That’s how it works.    You do your job, trust that others will do theirs and when they don’t, yes, you will be called upon to step up.  And when you fall short, your team will carry you too.

George Carlin once said, “Behind every cynical person there is a disappointed idealist.”  While I agree with Mr. Carlin’s brilliance, my advice to you would to not become an idealist in the first place… then you won’t become disappointed and therefore not cynical.    (Remember what I told you about crocodiles?)

Cynical people are not much fun to be around.  They are negative… and they tend to want to infect everyone else with their negativity.  I know, sometimes life can really suck.  But it doesn’t last forever… and re-heating sins for breakfast is never a good idea.  Learn to give others (and yourself) a fresh start, a new chance to make a different choice.  I know you would want others to do the same for you.