Hey Kid: Be An Angel

I believe in angels.  I believe in the spirit kind that exist in Heaven with God and I believe in the "angels on earth" kind that walk among us.  Both are servants and messengers of God, doing his will.  I think anyone who acts on the promptings of the Holy Spirit can be classified as such. And I've known many.

My heart swells with gratitude for the grace of these people in my life... and as I write this post there is a huge lump in my throat as their faces flow through my memory.  Each one of them coming through to help when we needed it the most and it has happened so many times I cannot keep track or count of them all.

Be an angel.

Look for the opportunities to pass along good news, or help someone in need.  The benefits truly outweigh any cost and I assure you will never forget it.  Appreciation does not always come in the form we expect.  Sometimes it doesn't come at all.  Do it anyway.  Your reward will be in heaven.