Hey Kid: Happily Ever After

I believe in fairy tales. I believe in making wishes and I believe in happily ever after. I certainly don’t want to think I’m naïve or live in a fantasy world. I’m quite realistic, I assure you. I guess I’m just hopeful and optimistic too. Nothing will happen if you don’t believe… but when you do, you are at least open to the opportunity. And I always want to be open to the opportunity for wonderful things to happen. People tend to get into trouble when they put restrictions on what these dreams look like. If I limit my interpretation and understanding, I close off too many options and that limits my experience. What I thought I wanted as a child is nothing close to my desires at 45. Let me see if I can simplify this and explain it correctly. If you would have asked me (when I was say, 10 years old) what my “Prince Charming” or “Knight in Shining Armor” was like, I’m not sure I would have painted a picture of Chief, but I can tell you, without hesitation he has fulfilled those roles. (And continues to do so.) What I thought I wanted then is not very close to what I want now. I was willing to let my dreams and wishes change as I changed and matured. And it has made all the difference in the world.

Don’t set limits and restrictions on yourself and your story. The sky’s the limit. Life is tough enough as it is… don’t make it more difficult by lowering your sights. Will you be disappointed occasionally? Of course. We all are at one time or another, but that doesn’t mean the goal or the dream fades away. The key is to keep evaluating where you are and where you are headed. You may be living in a dream long before you realize it. How will you know you’ve arrived if you don’t stop and take a look around once in a while?

Belief is the very first step in achievement. Don’t quit before you get started. And make sure you recognize when the dream that you wish comes true.