Hey Kid: Male and Female

God created men and women differently because we have  different roles to fulfill.  No one will ever accuse me of being a feminist.   Actually, I’m probably the opposite of a feminist.  I understand and believe in gender roles.  I honor and respect the differences between us.  But this doesn’t excuse me from participating in things that some activities that are gender specific. There is a mutual respect that is required between the sexes.   This is not always easy or comfortable but there are some things women need to do once in a while (without whining or complaining) just out of love and respect for their men.  And men need to do for their women too.

Ladies - Bait your own hook.  I mean this literally and figuratively.  Learn to do "guy things" for yourself.  Don't act prissy and think you are above some of these tasks.  You are not.  Not only will you gain tremendous self-confidence, the man in your life will be incredibly impressed too.

Gentlemen - Hold her purse when she needs a hand. It's really not that big of a deal.  No one (in their right mind) will think it's yours.  They'll just think you're an awesome guy who is very secure with their own masculinity.  And you'll be her hero.