Hey Kid: Crappy Parents

You're going to have great parents.  I guarantee it.  And when I say I guarantee it, I'm not just making an empty promise.  I will make sure your parents are awesome... But I don't think it will take much effort on my part. Unfortunately, not all of your friends will have great parents, and there won't be anything we can do about it.  I used to think I didn't like children, but I've learned that the children are fine, it's their crappy parents I don't like.  Kids that have to endure sub par parenting do not stand much of a chance and really can't be blamed for their behavior most of the time... up to a point.  Eventually, kids grow up and move on from their crappy parents and they get to make decisions for themselves.  The kids with outstanding character will choose better than their parents did and the ones who don't will blame everything that's wrong in their lives on their parents.

It's very important to be thankful for the blessings we have and the grace of good parenting is one of the greatest blessings God bestows on us.  The choices that parents make not only affect the lives of their children, ultimately they affect each of us as individuals and as a society.  Be grateful for your good parents, the good parents of your friends and work hard to become a terrific parent yourself.

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