Hey Kid: Wise Fool

Know what you don't know.  Life is a lot easier (and a lot more authentic) when you admit there are a lot of  things in the world you do not know and/or understand.  It takes a wise man (or woman) to admit this fact.  The older I get, the easier it is to accept this as truth.  I've also come to realize that knowledge is one of the greatest gifts God has graced us with and the more we have, the more we desire.  (If we are to remain wise.) My dad used to tell me that I should know at least one thing about everything and everything about a one thing.  (It's ok if  you had to re-read that last sentence twice.  It is quite complicated.)  My dad knew a lot about a lot of things and everything about a lot of things.  He was the most intelligent person I have ever known and yet he didn't have a college degree, or some big scientific job.  He was brilliant because he never stopped learning.   He took interest in everything and studied every day of his life.  But Dad never pretended to be an expert at anything.  He was humble and open which is the only way to truly become wise.