Hey Kid: Smoke Free

Chief and I were not big believers in over-praising our children. While we were (are) proud of their accomplishments, we didn’t feel the need to stroke their egos over and over again. I know children need self-confidence, but you don’t get that from someone telling you how awesome you are. You get that from figuring things out for yourself. It might sound crude, but don’t expect us to blow smoke up your ass. (One of Chief’s favorite phrases.) We’ve seen this parental behavior ruin more kids than it has helped.

I don’t think we were hard on the kids, but we did expect a lot from them and we still do. Our expectations were bare minimums for their achievements. It was up to them to set higher goals, and they did. We knew they were capable of anything they set their minds to and that the sky was the limit on what they could achieve. They figured it out when they actually accomplished the goals they set.

We might brag about you once in a while, but it probably won’t be to your face. We’ll want you to stay humble and develop your own self-esteem. Just know we’ll be watching and we’re rooting for you.

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