Hey Kid: Dummy Up

My parents have been gone for many years, and yet I can still hear their voice.  I still rely on their guidance and influence over me almost every, single day.  They were great parents and I learned a lot from them.  I refer to those lessons quite a bit and always with a smile and fond memories. My Dad had a lot of favorite phrases.  "I love you more" was probably  my favorite, but the one I think about the most is "Dummy Up."  Believe me, those two phrases were never uttered in the same tone.  "Dummy Up" was Dad's version of "pull your head out of your ass."  (His phrase was much kinder, but it has the same meaning.)  In other words: Don't be stupid.  Check yourself.  Use your head.  Stop being distracted and do the right thing.

Whenever anyone Dad was asked how he was, his answer was always the same, "Not bad for a dumb kid."  But Dad was no dummy and anyone who knew him would tell you the same.  He was brilliant, but more important than that, he had a strong moral character.  That's what he wanted when he would tell me to "dummy up."  He knew I could do better, and he was always right.

You'll make mistakes, but there is always time to make a different choice.  Occasionally, we all have to adopt Dad's advice and change the course.  Just make sure you "dummy up" sooner rather than later.

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