Hey Kid: Hugger

We're not a touchy-feely bunch. Sometimes I feel bad about that fact. We'll go in for a hug when it's a long term goodbye - or a welcome back hello, but for the most part, we keep to our personal space. If you get a hug from us, it's serious and we really, really mean the gesture. I got one of those hugs recently and I was reminded how great they really are. We love each other unconditionally and passionately, but when you get a hug... you know it's serious. Those are the moments I want to freeze in time, forever.

You'll feel love when you get a strong hug from us. That's a guarantee. And it won't be without intention and meaning because we don't take them lightly. There's something healing and about hugs in this family, and I can't wait to share them with you.

Hey KidKelli Rocha1 Comment