Hey Kid: Halloween

We love Halloween.  Now we're not fanatics about it or anything, but we always participate by dressing up in costume. When the kids were little, Halloween was a really, really big deal.  They always had the very best, homemade costumes.  Each year, Vava (Chief's mom) would sew the perfect costumes for each of them.  Every detail was exact.  It was an annual tradition to head to the fabric store to pick out a pattern and material.  They always looked awesome.

Since we lived in the country, we didn't get many for trick-or-treat.  We'd load the kids in the car and go around and visit family.  It was always a thrill to go to our visit our "in town" friends, the Lemos Family and  participate in the traditional trick-or-treating with their children.

Some things have changed, but Chief and I still love to dress up.  We try to come up with a couples costume idea and we've had some great ones, including Fred and Wilma Flintstone, Priest and Nun and of course, an Amish couple.   Even our dogs get into the spirit.  Now that we live in town, we're thrilled to get trick-or-treaters of our own.  I love to see all of the costumes and smiling faces.

We'll have a lot of fun when you're old enough to participate.   Of course, you'll have the best costume every year.  I'll make sure of it.  Start thinking of ideas.  We've got a lot of work to do!

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