Hey Kid: Chief and Me

Some posts are a little harder to write than others.  Not because I don't have anything to say, but sometimes there are just no words.  Anything I write about my love for Chief will be inadequate, but I have to try. Somewhere in my life, I learned an important life lesson.  The most important gift I can give my children is to love their father.  Fortunately for me, Chief makes that a very easy task to complete.  There simply isn't anything about him that isn't loveable.  When I am critical, it's my issue, my character fault, not his.

Chief is a great, great guy.  He's a man's man, with a gentle, giving heart.  He is selfless (to a fault) and does everything with passion and conviction.  He works tirelessly for everyone he loves and only wants their happiness.  Even if it costs him his own.  He is the epitome of sacrificial love.  There is nothing more important to him that his family.  Nothing.

As of this writing, Chief and I have been married for 26 years.  By today's standards, that's a very long time, but for us, it seems to be only the beginning.  We were married very young and our relationship has continued to grow and mature as we have.  I know, from experience, that how I love him today will be very different in the future.  The first 26 years were awesome, I can only imagine the next 26 will be even better.

I won't say I'm a lucky girl.  I'll say that I'm a smart girl who chose well and was blessed with the gift of a wonderful man, husband and father for my children.  There was no luck in this circumstance.  Chief and I have worked at this relationship and it has made all the difference.   I'm so grateful for his influence on our children.  He is the best example of a good man for each of them.  The bar is set high and I expect them to behave and choose in a manner that would honor his influence.  I have no doubt they will.  In the meantime we all continue to watch and learn on how to be loving, selfless human beings.