Hey Kid: Rhythms and Cycles

We all have our own personal rhythm.  Not everyone functions at the same speed.  Don't expect others to keep up with yours.  And if you're a little slower, don't try to keep up with others.  Each one of us is unique for a reason.  Don't expect to always understand. The same reasoning goes along with understanding that everything in life is cyclical.    We are constantly in a state of change from one season to another only for them to come around again.  Think about it:  Night/Day, Seasons, Calendars, life in general.  Everything ebbs and flows and the sooner you learn to go with they rhythm, the easier your life will be.  Don't try and swim upstream.  Just go with it.

Just like a wagon wheel, some days you'll be in the sun and some days you'll be in the mud.  Neither circumstance lasts forever. When things look bleak, hold on because it won't last forever.  And when things are going great, appreciate the gift while you have it because the mud is coming around again.  It's just the way life goes.

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