Hey Kid: Pity Party

If you get invited to a pity party, don’t go.  And for heaven’s sake, don’t throw one for yourself.  They are a complete waste of time.  You have to learn to take responsibility for yourself and realize that life isn’t always fair and it certainly is not always easy.  Quit feeling sorry for yourself and move on, immediately. There is something to be learned from every situation, even the crappy ones.  People of character recognize the lessons in life, even in their failures.  Watch for those to come along and turned something negative into an experience that will transform you for the better.

Don’t get sucked into to someone else’s whining either.  It’s isn’t good for either one of you.  Most people who are stuck in that rut are only looking for sympathy or a validation of their feelings of worthlessness.  Don’t play that game.  Don’t go to that party.

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