Hey Kid: Thanksgiving

I try to have an attitude of gratitude every day… not just during the holidays and certainly not only on Thanksgiving.  If there is one, single bit of advice that I could give you to improve your life, it would be this; be thankful every day. Having said this, I will admit that Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday for a few reasons.

  1. Other than the cooking, the day itself is pretty simple: cook, eat, watch football, and clean up.
  2. Food.  (No explanation necessary.)
  3. It gives us an “official” day to celebrate gratitude and that’s always a good thing.  Even those who are negative try their best to appreciate their blessings on that day.

When I was younger, we would travel to Utah to celebrate with close and extended family. These were HUGE family gatherings. (Mormons = Big Families.)  I loved these trips and looked forward to them every year.  When I got married, our family obligations changed and we stayed closer to home.  We would travel to Chief’s grandparents and often held our own, small celebrations too.  But I think my favorite tradition is the one that started when the kids entered high school and that is “Thanksgiving Practice.”

More often than not, Chief’s football team is still alive in playoffs during the holiday.  Instead of taking the day off, the team holds an abbreviated practice in the morning and serves brunch to the parents and the boys immediately following.  The best part of the day is the attendance by the alumni.  Most of the time, the visitors are the boys who are away at college and home for the holiday. They come back to see their teammates, their coaches and the families that cheered them on during their time in high school.  We’ve made this morning part of our tradition and I can’t imagine a Thanksgiving without it.

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