Hey Kid: Accept Graciously

It is very difficult to accept generosity.  I don’t know why it’s so hard.  We all like to receive gifts of any kind but it makes us very uncomfortable.  Sometimes, we don’t feel worthy or we question the motive of the giver.  But no matter the reason or how it makes you feel, you must learn to receive gifts graciously. This takes some practice.  I don’t think I’m very good at it yet.  As I said, the “feeling” that comes with the emotion is not one that I enjoy.  It’s kind of overwhelming, not bad, but not quite normal either.  It’s difficult to describe.  But I try not to pay too much attention to my feelings or my emotions.  They cannot be trusted.  For me, it’s a control issue.  (Most of my awkwardness comes with relinquishing control.)

Kindness involves two people.  One bestows the kindness and the other is the benefactor.  It’s much easier to be the one bestowing the kindness.  But if you’re always on the receiving end, you deny others the chance to enjoy the grace of sharing their kindness with you.  You deny them the opportunity and the blessings, and you don’t want to do that.

It will take some time, but you must learn to accept gifts and acts of kindness with a generous and thankful heart.  You’ll get better at it the more you do it.  It’s a humbling experience but very rewarding for all involved.

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