Hey Kid: Funeral Humor

Ok.  This is awkward.  I feel a strong need to explain something to you before it happens so that you’re not shocked and appalled, but I’m not really sure how to put it into words.  Bear with me and try to keep an open mind. I’ve already written about my fascination with funerals and death rituals.  I think they are very interesting.  I think I’ve also told you that I have endured more death (of friends and family) in my life than most people my age.  I’ve been through it several times and lived to tell about it.  (Pun intended.)  You need to know that I’ve developed a survival technique.  I call it Funeral Humor and most people don’t get it, but I’m here to tell you that it works.

I don’t know how it started, but I tend to look for humor in the most austere of moments.  This is not always well received by those around me but it has gotten me through (emotionally) some very tough situations.   When everyone else is grave and grim… I’m cracking jokes and laughing, sometimes, inappropriately.

Please understand that I don’t mean any disrespect.  On the contrary.  I understand the seriousness of the matter; I just have an odd coping mechanism.  The worst part of the whole thing is that I’ve found others like me (and I’m related to them.)  I’ve sucked them into my perspective and together we can cause a ruckus.  But we’ve walked away with some great stories and fond memories.

I promise we’ll try and behave.

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