Hey Kid: Birds and Bees

When two people love each other, very much…  Nah – I’m just kidding.  This isn’t the big sex talk. I’m going to leave the talk about the birds and the bees up to your parents.  It’s their responsibility to teach you about sex and although they may not see it at the time, it will be their privilege.  It will be awkward, but you should know that they are as uncomfortable telling you this stuff as you are hearing it.  Bear with them; they are doing the best they can. I once heard a priest talk about sexuality in his homily.  He said in the first half of our lives, we tell children that sex is bad and you should avoid it at all costs.  Then, when the kids get married, we tell them sex is a wonderful and beautiful gift and they should enjoy it as much as possible.  It’s really a mixed message.

Trust those of us that have been around for a while.   Your sexuality is not something you want to take for granted or too lightly.  There is too much at stake to not take this issue seriously.  The repercussions are tremendous and under the wrong circumstance can leave you physically and emotionally scarred.  Sex with the right person, at the right time is a wonderful gift.  That’s why we want you to wait until you’re married. Don’t squander it and risk losing the significance.

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