Hey Kid: Newlywed Game

Chief and I make fun of newlyweds.  I know it may sound cruel and harsh, but we do it with wisdom and love.  And, actually it’s quite fun.  We make a game of it.   Whenever we see or meet someone who’s recently married we laugh at them because they have so much to learn.  Just like normal growing pains, entering into a new relationship is exciting, but it’s nothing compared to the love that will come with time.  The love they feel in the beginning of a marriage is nothing compared to what’s in store for them. The honeymoon period is not the best part of a marriage.   My advice to newlyweds is always the same.  Hang in there, things will get better.  I promise.  You have a lot to learn as individuals and even more as a couple.  Be patient.  This growth period is slow and at times seems to go in reverse.  Cut yourself (and your spouse) some slack and learn to go with the flow.  You’ll work through it and the best part is that you have a partner for the journey.

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