Hey Kid: Rocha Bowl

There is a bit of family history of which you should be aware.  There is a family rivalry that is deeply rooted on the Rocha side.  I don’t think it’s going anywhere, anytime soon and it has to do with high school football. Central Catholic vs. Hilmar

Just typing those words brings up strong emotions.

The rivalry didn’t start with our family, but it was amplified when our children attended Central Catholic and their cousins all attended Hilmar.   There was a long history of hard-fought games between the two schools with a big climax in 2008 when Hilmar defeated Central Catholic for the Section Championship.  The game was an upset that still pains Central Catholic and is a source of pride and inspiration for Hilmar.  (Steel and Jordan both played in the game.)

At the time of this writing the family is still involved.  Chief coaches for CC and cousins Austin (coach) and Brandon (player) are on Hilmar’s team.  This is all relevant now because we have another big game coming up as the teams will meet once again for the Section title.  We (affectionately) refer to these games as “The Rocha Bowl.”

One way or another, someone is going to be upset.  These historical games are bound to be brought up again and again whenever we get together for years to come. (Not only brought up but debated and argued over as well.)  You’ll hear about them whether you like it or not.  You’ll probably hear about them so much you’ll eventually feel like you were there.