Hey Kid: If You're Not First You're Last

We live in a small town and we know a lot of people.  And, if we don’t know someone, it is not difficult to figure out who they are by doing a little research.  (This is one of Chief’s favorite activities.)  The bottom line is that you can’t get away with something and think that no one will find out.  I guarantee we will find out eventually, one way or another. The best practice is to tell your parents the news before they hear it on the street.  It will benefit you in a couple of ways.  1.  You’ll be able to tell your own version of the event.  (The truth.)  2.  You’ll get credit for going to them before they had to hear it from someone else.  (No parent wants to hear bad news about their kid from another source.  It’s a huge irritation.)  We were fortunate with Sierra and Steel.  They were pretty straightforward with us and we didn’t have to endure the gossip of others.

You only make matters worse if you try to hide something.  You’re going to screw up.  I guarantee it.  We all do.  The true mark of character is how you handle the repercussions of your mistake.  Don’t be foolish.  Take responsibility for your life and own up to your actions before someone tells on you.

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