Hey Kid: Strike a Pose

I love photography but I’m not particularly fond of photographing people.  They are just too picky and I’ve yet to find an individual who was happy with a photograph of themselves.  We are far too critical of ourselves and the self-image we have becomes evident (and proven) when we see a photo of ourselves.  I get it.  I don’t like pictures of me either.   What we see on the image is not what we want others to see.

But guess what?  It’s not about you!

And furthermore, the important thing is what others see in us, not what we see in ourselves because our assessment is flawed.   For years I’ve fought people trying to escape from pictures (for whatever reason) but the truth is they are robbing others of the experience and the memory of THEM.

Photography is documentation in its simplest form.  It’s the creation of a memory trigger that can last forever.  When we look at photographs, we remember moments, feelings and experiences.  We remember relationships.  That’s what gives photographs meaning.

So get over yourself and smile for the camera.  If this is an issue with you, take a cue from the celebrities who cannot help but be photographed.  Instead of dodging the cameras (and risk looking hideous) they stop and pose to make sure you get the best possible shot.  Suck it up and leave a memory for those you love and more importantly for those who love you.

After all, we all want to be remembered.

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