Hey Kid: 12 Days of Kindness

I have (or at least I had) quite the collection of self-help and/or self-improvement books.  They always sounded so awesome.  I would buy them thinking (hoping) that just owning them was enough.  It wasn’t.  It might have helped if I actually read them, but even then they were going to challenge me to change some aspect of my life.  And we don’t like change.  At least I don’t like change.  I’ve given most of those books away. But I do want to be better in many areas of my life.  I want to be better and do better.  I want to be a better person by the time you get here so I’m going to start now.  (This is going to take a while.)

I’ve decided to institute a new Christmas tradition.  I’m going to challenge my family to participate in the 12 Days of Christmas with random acts of kindness.  While we should be “acting” on these opportunities all year-long, we’re going to pay special attention to our actions for the 12 Days of Christmas (Christmas through Epiphany) and share our act, not to brag, but to document and inspire.

So we’ll see how this goes but I have a feeling this is going to be awesome.