Hey Kid: Resolve

My favorite part of the holidays are the actual 12 Days of Christmas.  That time from Christmas Eve through the 8th of January.  (The Epiphany.)  All of the bad stuff associated with Christmas (stress) is over and it’s a time to relax and anticipate the coming year. I’ve always loved a fresh start… and clean slate… a New Year.  Besides the fact that you get a brand-spanking new calendar (that’s all clean and pretty) and (the best news of all) it’s blank and YOU get to fill it in.  The possibilities are endless.  This is your time to dream and plan.   It’s a new start, a second chance to achieve everything your heart desires.

One of my favorite resolutions (2012) was my promise (to myself) to go to the beach at least once a month.  It wasn’t good enough to just “see” the ocean.  I wanted to touch it and smell the salt air.  I’m happy to say that I did achieve that goal and we loved each and every trip.  We’ve really missed them in 2013, so we’re planning on making that resolution again for 2014 and hopefully every year after.

Set goals and make plans.  You won’t go far if you don’t have a destination in mind.  Don’t be afraid to dream big.  You can accomplish anything that has your focus.

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