Hey Kid: Johnny Green


We have a wacky family tradition that I hope carries through to your generation.  This started with my parents and we’ve held true to it so far.  Every on New Year’s Eve, Johnny Green comes to our house and leaves gifts… Just like Santa Claus.  (Well, almost like Santa Claus.) Johnny Green’s gifts usually have a theme.  He brings items that compliment your Christmas gifts.  For example, if you got a video game console for Christmas, Johnny Green might bring you a new game to go with it.  Do you get the idea?

He’s also fond of calendars and office/school supplies.  We always got new supplies when school started in September.  (Yes, we started in September when I was a kid.)  But, by December, the things we needed (papers, pencils, note books) were either used up or wearing out.  Johnny Green to the rescue!  He’d replenish those supplies and make sure we had everything we needed for success.

Johnny Green will be coming soon to our house and I’ll make you a promise.  If he doesn’t go to your house, he’ll always leave a little something for you with me.

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