1,000 Words: Varsity Seniors


If you follow my blog, you know I write about football quite often.  It's been a big part of our lives for many, many years.  There are some teams that are more memorable than others, but none that holds a bigger place in my heart than these boys right here.  These are the seniors from the Central Catholic High School Football team for the 2009 season.  This is Steel's class (2010) and he's #22 on the top of the pile. I was shooting a lot of football at the time and this photo comes from "Picture Day" before the season started.  The seniors always got to go first (privilege) and there wasn't a shy boy in the bunch.  After the formal portraits and group shots were done, there were always a few "extra" poses requested.  This is when it got interesting.  (There are a couple more shots that will probably show up in the blog eventually.)

Going to a small school and playing on a team brings kids close together and all of these boys were good friends.   Most of them spent time at our house and shared a meal or two at our table.  I cherish those times.  There is nothing that made me happier than fixing breakfast for a house full of boys on a Saturday morning.  I miss those days but seeing their smiling faces in this picture will forever remind me of the blessing it was to be a part of this team.