1,000 Words: Grandmother and Grand-Dad


This is a photograph of my paternal grandparents, Charles and Dortha Faulkner.  They are the only grandparents that I remember since my mother's father died when I was very young.  They lived in Salt Lake City and our annual (or semi-annual) visits to see them was the highlight of my summers.  My only regret was that they lived so far away and our time together always seemed too short. My grandmother was a living saint.  She was a wonderful woman, so full of wisdom and stories.  She talked to God on a daily basis and I know He talked to her too.  I used to love to spend time with her because she always made everything special.  You really felt like a princess when she was around.  I'm sure she loved all of her grandchildren, but she made each one feel like they had a special, unique bond with her.  She didn't like it when my parents teased me and would always stand up to them in defense even though it was all in jest.  Teasing and sarcasm were not in her nature.  (That must have come from my grandfather's side of the family.)

Grandmother was a tremendous baker and even held a job decorating cakes.  She was truly an artist.  One of my most memorable gifts from her was a hollow, sugar Easter Egg which was decorated with an elaborate scene and then sealed behind a clear, plastic lens on one side so you could peer in and see all of her handiwork.  It was magical and I remember keeping it in a special place when I was a child.

Grand-Dad was a little more gruff than Grandmother, but no less loving.  He worked nights when I was a kid so I remember trying to be quiet when we were playing in the house.  When he was home, Grand-Dad was usually outside with his dog (a Terrier) and his garden.  One of the most vivid memories I have of him was helping to bury fish in ground near the plants.  He explained that it was really good for the shrubs and I hated telling him that the dog dug it up and ate it after he'd left.

I'm afraid we've lost sight of the importance and significance of grandparents in our modern-day culture.  (At least most of our society.)  Those who do not have access to grandparents or even worse, a lack of respect are really missing out on one of life's greatest treasures.  I cherish the memories I have of these two and hope to follow their example when my time comes.