1,000 Words: First Flight


I love this  picture of Leroy and Steel.  It's memorable for us because it commemorates Steel's first time on an airplane.  But the best part of this image is the pure joy and happiness on his face.  It was his first flight, but we were also headed to a family vacation and those days were few and far between. Growing up on the dairy certainly had its advantages, but time off was not one of them.  Leroy didn't have weekends or holidays away from work.  If we were home, he was working.  Always.  Without exception.  The few times we were able to sneak away were precious and few.  It was a really, really big deal and we enjoyed every minute of it.

This vacation was an "all expense paid" business trip for Leroy.  He had been invited to judge dairy cattle at the Del Mar Fair in San Diego County.  With the fairgrounds located on the beach and the beautiful  horse racing facility all around us it was really a treat.  We had been there the year before, but we had left the kids at  home.  This time we took advantage of the opportunity and made it a family vacation.