1,000 Words: Detailed Costumes


Our kids always had the best costumes.  They were never last-minute, thrown together, store-bought ensembles either.  They were planned out and home-made each and every year.  And they were awesome. We came up with the ideas (me and the kids - OK, mostly me) and Doralice would be the artist creating the vision.  We would make a trip to the fabric store, find the right pattern and buy all of the supplies.  Vava would make the costumes to our exact specifications and make sure they fit perfectly.  They were very detailed, exact replicas of whoever or whatever we were trying to represent, down to the last detail.   Sometimes we'd have to show Vava several pictures so she could get the idea as she was not as familiar with the characters as we were, but she never missed a thing.  She did it all and made sure they were perfect, each and every time.  She handled the costumes, and I was in charge of hair, makeup and accessories.  We made a good team.

This picture shows two of my favorites.  Cinderella (obviously) and a baseball.  Any of the Disney princesses would have worked for Sierra (at this time) but Cinderella would evetunaually become significant because we'd use it as her nick-name.  (More for the scrub the floor, do the laundry stuff rather than the princess part, but that's another story.)  Steel LOVED baseball at this age and while it was easy to just be a player, how many kids got to be an actual baseball?  It was awesome.  The pinstriped uniform was my little homage to my favorite team, the New York Yankees.  (At least my favorite uniforms.)