1,000 Words: First Day of School


I have always loved the first day of school.  Not only as a student, but as a parent as well.  It was a fresh start... and new beginning.  We had new clothes and more importantly, new school supplies.  (My favorite.)   It meant getting back to a routine and a schedule which always made life more peaceful.  My "first days of school" are behind me now.  At the time of this writing, Steel is beginning the final semester of college and then they will both be finished with their education.  (At least until one or both of them considers grad school.)   But I will always cherish the memories of the kids in school. We had a couple of traditions for the first day.  I would wake them up singing the "School Days, School Days" song.  We always had Eggs Benedict for breakfast and we always took a picture before leaving the house.  The particular picture shows Sierra beginning 3rd Grade and Steel beginning Kindergarten.  You can tell by the pictures they are enduring this ritual to keep my happy.  Both of them were looking towards the East, into the sun.  (Better lighting but not so great for the facial expressions.)  They were very obedient.  The other clue that this was the first day of school was the immaculate state of their brand-new shoes.  They are so shiny and white.  That didn't last very long.