1,000 Words: Bad Hair


I think this is where all of my “hair issues” began.  This photo is dated 1970 which would make me two years old.  Why do I have a bouffant?  And more importantly, who would do this to a child?  And look, to make matters worse… I’m smiling! I’m not one of those people who blame all of their personal issues on their parents, but I have to point the finger directly at my mother for this one.  Yes, it’s a fact that I was born with bad hair, but did she really have to try all of these ridiculous hair styles on me?  In her defense, I’m sure she was just trying to make me look like a girl.  After raising 4 boys, I’m sure playing with my hair was a real thrill.  But I’m the one that has paid the price over the years.

There are so many pictures of me with some funky hairstyles… And even more with my hair in curlers.  It’s truly no wonder I’ve experienced emotional struggle over my hair my entire life.   At least I used to struggle.  I solved all of my problems by cutting it all off a few years ago.  Life has been so much simpler ever since.