1,000 Words: Cool Dad


This is my dad, but not how I remember him.  I don't remember that much curly, blonde hair or those horn-rimmed glasses.  But I do remember his kind blue eyes and that wonderful, mischievous smile. My parents were married in 1952 and I think this picture was from the early years of their marriage.  (Which makes him about the age that Steel is now at 22.)

My dad was one of the consistently, happiest people I have ever known.  At least he was around me.  The very few times I ever saw him angry were usually caused by his disappointment in my behavior.  And even when he was mad, it didn't last long.  He forgave easily and he didn't hold grudges.

Dad worked a lot and he worked hard.  He had long hours on the jobs and long commutes which kept him gone most of the weekdays.  When he came home he was always tired but that didn't stop him from working more on the ranch.

And he never complained.  Ever.

I'd like to think that I've inherited some of those personality traits.  At least I have the potential.  Sadly, I'll admit I have fallen short of Dad's example.  But it's never too late to try again, right?

I sure wish I'd inherited the curly blonde hair too.