1,000 Words: Rosie the Riveter


My mom was a very young "Rosie the Riveter."  She was one of the pioneering women who went to work during World War II.  Mom's contribution came at the end of the war and she was just a girl.  I'm not real sure, but Mom's employment was probably not completely out of economic need.  I think she liked the adventure and the challenge.  She probably saw it as a bit of a social defiance and that would have been all of the motivation she needed.  She was very proud of this work.  We included a "Rosie" image on her tombstone to remember her accomplishment. This photograph came much later than Mom's "Rosie" years.  (She's wearing her wedding ring, so it had to have been after 1952.)  But you can see, she's still sporting the style.

I love this picture because it catches Mom at a relaxed, happy moment.  She hated that gap in her front teeth and rarely smiled for photographs because of it.  This photo is rare and a true treasure.