1,000 Words: Big Brother


This is one of my all time, favorite photographs.  I didn't take it (Jon Michael Terry did) but it moved me the first time I saw it and the impact has not diminished in the years since. Photographers always strive to record emotion in their images but it's easier said than done.  This image tells a story of two brothers.  And the love they share is obvious. The little one is my nephew Brandon.  At two years old he was constantly on the go.   He was the most curious child I've ever known and was constantly looking for his next adventure.  He was fearless and kept us all on our toes trying to keep up with him.

The big one is my nephew Austin.  At that age, Austin was quite shy and probably a little uncomfortable in front of the camera.  I'm sure he wasn't thrilled with the idea of a photo shoot but that didn't distract him from his responsibility as a big brother.  He made sure Brandon didn't run off and get in trouble.

Not much has changed.  Austin is still protective of his little brother.  He always will be.  And Brandon will always be on the go, looking for the next challenge.