1,000 Words: Funny Faith


Steel didn't know that Fr. Bill McDonald was holding "bunny ears" behind his head in the photo from his 1st Holy Communion, but it didn't surprise him.  Fr. Bill was always pulling tricks on the kids and making them laugh.  On the very first day he introduced himself to the kids at school, Fr. Bill shocked them all by squirting water out of his "very special ring that was a gift from the pope."  He certainly made a memorable first impression. It's been many years since Fr. Bill was our pastor, but he'll always remain a part of our family history.  He was Pastor of St. Stanislaus School when the kids were there and was very active in their education and faith formation.  Fr. Bill became very close to Leroy as they worked on fundraising committees together and he was most influential on my decision to covert to Catholicism in 1999.  He was more than our priest, he was our friend.

From Fr. Bill I learned that faith can be fun and that there is sense in taking yourself too seriously.  He taught me that my sense of humor was a gift from God and he expected me to use it.  He made it ok to laugh and poke fun at everything in life.

I still smile when I see this  picture.  Pious Steel and Silly Fr. Bill.