1,000 Words: Mom and Tom


This is my mom and her husband Tom Wilks on their wedding day, (with Sierra and Steel) taken in August 1996.  They were married 1 year and 1 day before Tom passed away.   It was the very last happy year of my mom's life. I have to smile at this photo because I remember this day like it was yesterday.    She was so excited.  Mom LOVED that dress!  It was her favorite.  It was a size "0" and in her favorite colors, black and white.  The hat was her idea but I have to admit, it was perfect on her.

Mom used to tell me that she loved Tom her whole life.  He was her childhood sweetheart and crush and the thought of getting a second chance with love was overwhelming for her.  I can't imagine it's ever easy to see one of your parents in love with someone else, but when we realized how happy she was we had to give him a chance.  We did and we were forever changed.

Tom was extraordinary.  He was one of the nicest people I have ever known.  He instantly loved us because of Mom and it didn't take very long before we loved him too.  He became a very significant part of our family.  Tom rescued Mom and everyone who loved her could see the difference he made in her life.  She was transformed by this relationship and we owed it all to Tom's never-failing love, patience and kindness.  I miss him terribly.

Tom embodied everything that was good.  I learned so much from him in our brief time together.  It was only a few years, but his memory is sealed in our hearts.  I am so appreciative of the privilege of knowing him.  He taught me a lot about my mom and it was all good.