1,000 Words: Senior Prom


Even though Leroy and I were good friends in high school, we didn't start dating until after he graduated and I was in my senior year.  It probably wasn't cool to be in college and still dating a high schooler, but Leroy was a good sport and took me to my senior prom.  He picked me up in his mom's baby-blue, Lincoln Mark V and we drove all the way to Livermore for dinner. It was very romantic.

This is not the official photograph of that evening.  This one was taken by my dad, in my living room when Leroy came to pick me up.  Dad was always the official family photographer.  You can tell by the nervous smiles and Leroy's extraordinary posture that we were both a little nervous.

While I enjoyed, the evening, I love this picture because of the background.  I can see my mom's favorite Delft china pieces on the book-case.  She brought those back from a trip to Holland.  There is also my senior picture on the TV and a photograph of Dad's favorite horse, Grey Foxx.  (Notice that Foxx was framed and on the wall and my picture was just sitting on the TV in the paper frame.)