1,000 Words: Sibling Shot


This picture was a gift for my parents.  (I think it was for Christmas 1986.)  I know I wore red because it was my mom's favorite color.  If I remember right, it was my sisters-in-laws' idea and it should have been simple, but just like every other family; getting us all together, in one room and smiling (well, most of us) was not an easy task. We all came from different places and we met in Stockton (a central location) at the Olin Mills studio.  I don't think we have any other pictures from that day.  This seems to be the only one that made the cut.  There was a lot of tension in the room between the boys (I don't remember why) and we only posed for this one shot.  The whole thing lasted just a few minutes, but you'd have thought we were being tortured.  We did manage to survive lunch together too (On Lok Sam's in Stockton) before all heading our separate ways.  It was almost a celebration that we had made it through the photo shoot  in one piece.

I have to admit, this photo makes me a little sad.  We wasted so much time being angry over the silliest things.  My parents knew this was not an easy fete for any of us and I'm sure it made the gesture even more significant.  But it also reminds me of how far we've come.  It's too bad we didn't appreciate each other earlier. I know I've learned the lesson.  These guys are a gift.