1,000 Words: Guess Girl


Yes.  I was THAT mom that dressed their kids up in brand name clothing for pictures.  How could you blame me?  The Guess jeans were just too cute to pass up.  And although I probably should have dressed Sierra in a frilly, girly dress I chose the jeans and it instantly became one of my favorite pictures.  This picture became our first family Christmas card and started the long-standing tradition that we still continue today. I caught a lot of flack for this photo, but I didn't care.  She's freaking adorable. Sierra is 7 months old in this picture.  She couldn't hold this pose (on the bench) for very long so I'd support her back and let go just before the photographer took the picture.   We went to Kinderfoto in the mall, of course.  It was the place to take kids for portraits.  Those were the days when you'd take a bunch of shots, wait a week or 10 days for proofs and just hope and pray there was at least one good shot.  We didn't have the advantage of previewing a digital version.

It was never difficult to get a smile out of Sierra for pictures.  All we really had to do was talk to her and that big grin would appear every time.  She didn't have many teeth (or much hair) but she was a flirt for the camera.

This picture still makes me smile.