1,000 Words: Disneyland Farm


Some of our favorite attractions at Disneyland are no longer there.  It's sad to think we can't go back, but we have lots of great memories and of course photographs to remind us.  It was always one of our favorite things to hang out in the farm with the animals.  It was a nice break from the heat and the people.   There was never a line and the kids always got a kick out of it.  (For a while, there was a cow with a Mickey Mouse icon on her side.) This photo is one of my favorites from our adventures.  This was Steel's very first visit to the park (1994.)  Back in those days, he was Granny's best buddy and they were usually not very far from each other.  It's no surprise they'd be together at the Disneyland farm.  And of course, Granny was there to protect him from the goat trying to eat his new hat.  (The yellow Donald Duck bill squeaked when you squeezed it.)  Steel loved that hat and so did I.

This is one of those "right place at the right time" photographs.  That goat played with like it was his job.  He was one of Disney's best cast members and certainly made a little boys first visit very memorable.