1,000 Words: Senior Stud


Is it any wonder I fell in love with this guy?  He was (is) so handsome... and look at that confidence?  How could I resist? Leroy and I met in high school, but his reputation was legendary.  I heard about him long before we were ever introduced.  I liked him instantly, but he was dating one of my best friends so it never went any further than pleasant greetings.  I did, however develop a massive crush on him.

We became good friends in school through the next 3 years.  We spent a lot of time together at the Turlock High School Ag Department and in FFA.  He was the Chapter President and I was the Chapter Sweetheart.  We competed against each other in speech competitions (which I always won) and worked on several committees together.  It would seem a match made in heaven but it didn't go further than friendship.  I used to tease him about the girls (tramps) he dated, and he teased me about the boys (jerks) I dated.

It wasn't until my senior year (Leroy's first year at Modesto Jr. College) that we started dating.  He came back to campus for an FFA meeting, our eyes met and something was different.  He asked me out that night (and cancelled a week later, but that's another story.)

God's timing was perfect.