1,000 Words: Radical Fans


This picture is not very old.  It was taken in December 2013 just before Central Catholic High School met Hilmar High School in the Section Championship football game in Stockton.  Both Anne (my sister-in-law) and I are sporting our team colors, and each of us claiming victory.  All before the boys hit the field.

I crashed the Hilmar tailgate parties that day for two reasons.  #1 - They had the best food.  I knew they would even before I  left the house.  Those Hilmar fans know how to plan, prepare and execute an awesome tailgate party.  What a spread!  There was enough good eats to feed both teams.  The second reason was to make "nice" with all of the people I had harassed on social media the days leading up to the big game.   We tease a lot but these guys are my friends and family.  No matter the outcome that day, we were going to have to put up with each other at some time or another after the final whistle.

As expected, I entered "enemy territory" and was immediately the recipient of harassing comments, jeers and boos.  But they also applauded me with big smiles on their faces and then immediately offered me something to eat and drink.