1,000 Words: Chico Student


There are some bittersweet moments in parenting.  Actually, there are many, many bittersweet moments in parenting.  I learned fairly early that it was always best to focus on the "sweet" side of the situation to avoid a lot of heartache.  Our hopes and dreams for our children require that they grow up and mature.  It requires change and that's always difficult to endure. Every parent would love to see their children go to college.  It wasn't until we actually moved Sierra to Chico in the summer of 2007 that I realized the dream was coming to fruition.  But I wasn't sad.  Although I knew I would miss her terribly, I also realized she was doing exactly what we had hoped, dreamed and prayed for.  I thought of many other parents who would never have the chance to experience this moment for whatever reason.  I know parents that would give their right-arm to see their kid pursue their dreams and continue on with their education.  I was determined not to be bitter, not to be sad.  I focused on the sweet and it made all the difference.