1,000 Words: Coach's Kid


I'm sure it wasn't easy on Steel to be the coach's son.  Whether intentional or not it would be difficult for Leroy to treat him objectively.  Leroy knew Steel's abilities better than anyone.  I'm sure he expected exemplary behavior, performance and work ethic at all times.  The standard for excellence was probably a little higher for Steel than the rest of the team.  Sometimes these kids are treated quite unfairly as a result of hypersensitivity to objectivity.

However, I'm sure it wasn't easy on Leroy either.  No matter how hard Leroy tried, or how well  he managed the relationship, he was always going to be criticized for how he treated his son.  Some would think he was too lenient or that he favored Steel.  Still others would criticize the higher expectations Leroy had for Steel.

Having said all of this, I have to admit, these two handled it very well throughout the years which is a testament to their relationship and ultimately, their commitment to the team.  While Leroy was Steel's "head coach" for a few of his youth football years, he never coached him directly in high school.   When Steel was on JV, Leroy worked with the Varsity staff.  Once Steel advanced to Varsity, Leroy took the head coaching position at JV.

Those were great years filled with wonderful memories that we all cherish.  This photo is from the beginning of the 2009 season, Steel's senior year.  They were kind (and obedient) to pose for this team photographer.