1,000 Words: Steel Blades


Ok, I know.  This photograph needs a little explaining.  We're all big Will Farrell fans.  I'm sure we were introduced to this comedic genius through Steel.  I know my first memory of Will Farrell was the movie Anchorman.  At first I thought it was really stupid, but now it's become a big family favorite and we quote it all the time. After the "official" football pictures are taken, the boys like to pose for some "unique" photos with their friends. (This is especially true of the seniors who have gained some self-confidence and are not afraid of ridicule.)  When Steel came up with this one with his friend Dylan Swartz, I had no idea what he was doing.  Then he reminded me of the Will Farrell movie Blades of Glory.  Pretty creative pose for the quarterback and his runningback.