1,000 Words: Dad and the Asses


This is my Dad and his asses.  LOL!   Well, technically, that's a donkey.  (I think.)  And although my brothers can be a pain, they probably hadn't earned the "ass" title by this age.  Even though this donkey doesn't seem to bothered by the load, Dad has a grip on the lead, just in case.  Seated front to back: Chuck, Curtis (smashed), Jon and Craig.  I think this is the first picture I've seen of my brother where they are not standing in birth order. How darling is this picture?  It's photographs like these that almost make me wish I was closer (in age) to my brothers.  It must have been awesome to grow up with these brothers so close in age.  I'm sure there were times when it wasn't so great.  Don't get me wrong, there are definite perks to the 10 year difference, but I missed out on many moments like this.  I had my own, but most of the time, I'm alone in the pictures.

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