1,000 Words: Tough Lady


There are not very many women in the world that can really be called "a tough lady."  There are lots of women who are tough, and many are considered to be ladies, but very few can pull it off at the same time... but this lady can.  She's proven it over and over again her entire life. Maybe it comes from being the oldest of 6 children.  Maybe it comes from being the daughter of hard-working Portuguese parents who sought a better life for themselves and their children and brought the young family the America.  Maybe it comes from being a farmer's wife, a partner in every sense of the word, laboring every single day on the dairy only to come into the house and start her other job of caring for her family.

Whatever the reason, no one will ever question my mother-in-law's strength, whether it's her emotional, mental or physical strength.  And she does it all with a quiet, gracious, faithful spirit filled with humility, and elegance.  This picture was taken following her third heart surgery in May of 2013.  It was a sight for sore eyes as we waited for word of her condition.  With once glance we could see she was well on her way recovery.

We never expected anything less.

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