1,000 Words: Bar Boys


One of the things that I miss about having the kids home and in school are the times they would bring home their friends.  One of my favorite things in the world is to feed people, but it means that much more when it's a bunch of boys.  They're always hungry and most of them are not too picky.  They don't care if the house is clean and they don't expect to be entertained.  They'll take care of that themselves.

We were blessed to have many wonderful boys come through our doors but these two particular young men are two of my favorites.  They are not just friends, they are family.  I am always so happy to see them and thrilled when they spend time with us at home.  I hope they know they are always welcome.  This picture was taken in our home in the summer of 2013 when Steel was home from school.  Pictured from L to R: Steel, Matt Shinkwin and Patrick Trinkler.

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