1,000 Words: Granny's Boy


This is the second edition of the photograph that I shared with you here.  We knew when we took the first one we'd have to follow-up with one with Steel too.  It was just too perfect.  This was taken in May of 1994 and just like the picture with Sierra, we were on Main Street in Turlock waiting for the Turlock Pentecost Association's Festa parade.  Looking back on it now, I guess we had a little tradition going.

These two were the best of buddies.  They were partners in crime and co-conspirators on many occasions and they fiercely defended each other in the process.  One of my favorite stories comes from a visit to Costco with Mom and Steel.   In the refrigerated section of the store, Steel discovered some wrapped "cow tongue" and he was touching it because it felt funny.  A lady (customer) approached him and told him to stop and my mother flipped out.  She absolutely came unglued and stared screaming at the woman.  Mom said, "Don't you talk to my grandson like that!  He can touch whatever he wants!  Mind your own business!"  I looked over and saw the commotion.  Steel look petrified as his Granny was in the face of this very tall woman who was cowering under her verbal assault.  I watched and laughed for a minute and then I decided to go over and rescue Steel... and the lady.  It took a while for Mom to calm down and from that moment on Steel knew Granny had has back.  Always.

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