1,000 Words: Father Silva


Father John C. Silva was a family friend and a favorite for our children.  He used to say "To know me is to love me" and while that could be interpreted as a little arrogant, it was the honest truth.  He was fabulous in every sense of the word and I loved him very much. Fr. Silva worked hard for my conversion and this particular day was a triumph for him.  This is the day that Sierra and Steel were baptized.  Fr. Silva was very happy and as usual, he made a really big deal about how wonderful the kids were.  He adored them and they felt the same way about him.  (Although you couldn't tell from this picture of Steel with a scowl on his face.)  Sierra's the one that should have been upset.  Hot wax had dripped on her hand during the ceremony and she didn't even flinch.

We used to dress Steel in bow ties every Sunday for mass and Fr. Silva always acknowledged how impressed he was with Steel's attire.  He would stop what he was doing and comment and even straighten Steel's tie.  It became so common that Steel would stand on the pew near the aisle and wait for Father to process in and out of church.  Fr. Silva always stopped, adjusted Steel's tie and then proceeded down the aisle.  It was a game they played and I don't know who enjoyed it more.

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